Year 10 Music

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Stunell

Music in Year 10 develops every student’s musical abilities that they learned in Year 9 Music. It is the next step for those musicians preparing for Year 11 work. The focus is on performance music with the pupils performing solo and as a member of a group. Some may be working on Level 1 NCEA Performance standards if they meet the criteria. Please note that pupils are filmed before a live audience and during class for assessment purposes.

Composition - Students will learn to read and write music. They will create melodies, lyrics and songs throughout the option. 

Practical Knowledge – Students are encouraged to show commitment to the Itinerant Music Tuition Programme at Rotorua Lakes High School or undertake other approved instrumental instruction. Performance is encouraged in every sphere. Students can use the available instruments (piano, drums or guitar), or use their own instruments when brought to school.  

Co-Curricular Activities - Smokefree Rockquest, Smokefree Pacificabeats, Rhapsody Rotorua, Lakes Has Talent Quest, Rotorua District Council Workshops, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, Waiariki Polytechnic.