NCEA Level 1 Mathematics with Statistics

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. English

Recommended Prior Learning

Majority of topics at Year 10 Mathematics to a ACHIEVED level or above

This course is for students who are less confident with Mathematics. It is designed to focus more on Internal Standards, with less abstract content.

There will be 4 internally assessed Achievement Standards as well as 1 externally assessed Achievement Standard.

To go on to mathematics at Level 2 (year 12) students will need to study for the externally assessed achievement standard.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Statistics - Multivariate data and Inference
Trigonometry - Right angle triangle trigonometry

Term 2
Trigonometry - Right angle triangle trigonometry (continued)
Number - Numeric reasoning
Statistics - Bi-variate data

Term 3
Statistics - Bi-variate data (continued)
Probability - Chance and data

Term 4
Probability - Chance and data (continued)


NCEA Externals Mathematics Exam




NCEA Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics & Calculus

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A scientific calculator or graphing calculator is essential.