NCEA Level 1 Mathematics with Statistics and Calculus

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. English

Recommended Prior Learning

Majority of topics at Year 10 Mathematics to a MERIT level or above

This course is for students who are mathematically confident.

There will be 3 externally assessed Achievement Standards as well as 2 Internally assessed Achievement Standards.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Statistics - Multivariate data and Inference
Trigonometry - Right angle triangle trigonometry

Term 2
Probability - Chance and data
Algebra - Patterns and graphs

Term 3
Algebra - Algebraic expressions

Senior Prelim Exams

MCAT - NCEA Mathematics common assessment task. Algebra Exam

Term 4

NCEA Externals Mathematics Exam




NCEA Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics & Calculus

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A scientific calculator or graphing calculator is essential. You are seriously disadvantaged if you do not have a graphing calculator. The current recommended graphing calculator is the Casio Fx9750gii.