NCEA Level 2 Childcare

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge:

Year 12 Childcare introduces the basic skills and knowledge involved in the education and care of infants, toddlers and young children.  The aim is to:

  • Develop the knowledge and confidence required to responsibly care for a child
  • Develop the knowledge base for future confident learning and parenting
  • Teach basic skills required for positive parenting  and/ or education of young children
  • Develop an understanding of child development 

In Year 12 Childcare you will be working towards 40 Level 2 credits for the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood Learning & Care L.  A further 2 level 2 credits are offered in First Aid.  The unit standards offered are detailed below.


All Unit Standards are internally assessed.  In the event that you do not achieve a unit standard, you will be given one opportunity to resubmit your work.  

Some assessments are required to be completed at home and handed in on time.  Extensions for this work must be applied for in writing before the work is due to be handed in.  Failure to comply with this, and not hand work in on time will result in a Not Achieved.  A resit will need to be organised (1 resit per assessment).

Seek assistance if you need help with organising study time, study space, or how to study.  

Expectations at school

  • Arrive promptly to class
  • Attend school on a regular basis ( 75% attendance required to achieve Unit Standard)
  • Be prepared for class – have the correct books, notes, and equipment on hand
  • Work to the best of your ability
  • Use your time effectively
  • Ask if you are unsure and need help
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Be proactive on keeping up to date – if a class is missed find out what was covered

Expectations at Home

In Childcare there are often readings that need to be done at home.  It is important that this is done as they will be discussed at school in the following lesson.  



Physical Education


NCEA Level 3 Childcare

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

The following materials are required by each student and must be purchased at the beginning of the year.
• 1 x ring binder and A4 refill
• 1 set of dividers (10)