NCEA Level 2 Chemistry

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs E. Butterworth

Recommended Prior Learning

In order to gain entrance into Level 2 Chemistry students are required to gain 14 Credits or better in NCEA Level 1 Science. As part of this requirement students must Achieve at least 8 external credits, 4 of which must come from the Acids and Bases external. 

The Level 2 Chemistry course introduces students to the wider world of Chemistry.  It explores the basic fundamentals of Chemistry and how chemistry it is used in society to meet needs, resolve issues and develop new technologies.   It is a full academic programme comprising a combination of internal and external Achievement Standards.  The internal component is practical orientated with assessments that reflect this. Level 2 Chemistry provides the basis for study at Level 3 and aims to prepare students considering careers in areas including Health Sciences, Engineering and Science. 




NCEA Level 3 Chemistry, NECA Level 3 Science