NCEA Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr S. English

Recommended Prior Learning

At least 12 credits in NCEA Level One Mathematics, with at least 4 being from externally assessed standards.

This course continues to develop the mathematical skills and understanding from the previous year's work. This course includes new concepts such as Probability Distributions.

This course will continue to develop your problem solving and logical thinking skills, which are needed to be able to solve unfamiliar practical and mathematical problems.

This course covers the strands of Mathematics Number, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Mathematical Processes. The course will be accessed by internal assessment with the opportunity to sit one externally assessed standard.  

Entry into this course is at the discretion of the Head of Mathematics.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Statistics - Experiments
Statistics - Multivariate data, making an inference

Term 2
Experiments (continued from term 1)

Term 3

School Senior Exam

Statistics - Simulations

Term 4

NCEA External standards exam




NCEA Level 3 Mathematics With Statistics

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

A scientific calculator or graphing calculator is essential. You are seriously disadvantaged if you do not have a graphing calculator. The current recommended graphing calculator is the Casio Fx9750gii