NCEA Level 1 Geography & Environmental Studies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs S. Beaumont-Gill

Recommended Prior Learning

Students must be entered in 11ENG

Geography & Environmental Studies involves learning about:

  • the earth’s structure and forces that shape and change it
  • the different natural features of our world
  • why earth’s natural resources are under increasing pressure
  • the causes of environmental problems
  • the ways we can make our actions more sustainable
  • planning and carrying out an individual research project 

Geography & Environmental Studies is a literacy rich course which teaches the skills of research, communication, resource interpretation and report writing.


Geography related careers include:

Environmental Scientist | Resource Management | Geologist | Geothermal Energy |Geospatial Specialist | Civil Engineering | Emergency Management | Urban Planner | Waste Management | Survey Technician




NCEA Level 2 Geography & Environmental Studies

Career Pathways

Building and Construction Manager, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson