NCEA Level 1 Product Design

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Webster

Recommended Prior Learning

Students must also be entered in 11MAT and 11ENG. 

This Technology course is the entry point for students considering a career in a design related field such as Commercial Product Design, Furniture Design, Exhibit Design, Engineering Design or other creative industries.

Design is complex and extends far beyond just styling of products. As a design student, you will work closely with a client to develop your ideas into a successful product that meets their needs.

As you work through your major project you will develop the critical thinking skills and know-how to enable you to research, experiment, test, evaluate, investigate, produce, problem solve, create and communicate your ideas.

Although this course is based in the “hard materials workshops” your designs can use any suitable materials whether it is wood, metal, plastic, fabric, concrete, fiberglass, composites, bone, stone, recycled materials, wire…. Whatever it takes to create the best solution for your client!

Bike-themed clothes hanger
Climbing-themed valet stand
Testing Trebuchets with water bombs!




NCEA Level 2 Product Design

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$60 for raw materials. Extra embellishments and additional resources as appropriate.

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