The Technology Faculty provides  opportunities for students to gain academic qualifications creating a pathway to tertiary, trades and develop practical life skills through experience in four different and yet related fields of Technology.  

The Technology Faculty encompasses a wide range of subjects that all involve practical activities in varying forms.

Technology challenges students in a way unlike any other subject. Students work creatively and analytically to identify, trial and evaluate potential solutions, and put their ideas into practice.  Opportunities provided are through  creative design processes  in areas such as in construction and materials technology, robotics, food processing, design and visual communication, coding, digital design, textiles and fashion  

The Technology has natural inter-relationships with other subjects such as the sciences, social sciences, languages, the arts and  health and physical well-being.

The Technology curriculum at Year 9-10 focuses on ensuring students develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as develop critical thinking, problem solving and ensuring students are resilient and well prepared as the move into the senior years (11-13).

Courses are designed and the standards are chosen to provide the right balance of practical skill development and related academic learning.

Subjects in this Department